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ELCO has its state-of-the-art manufacturing in the Nizwa industrial area which comprises of 50,000 Sq. Mtrs and consisting of 3 separate bays for the fabrication work. The facility is equipped with the latest machine to carry out the most complex fabrication work. ELCO’s assets include completely automatic CNC line for the cutting, drilling the heavy structural materials, heavy duty plate rolling, machine shop, complete range of modern welding systems, heavy duty drilling, bending, pressing, EOT and mobile cranes, post welding treatments, separate booths for blasting and painting etc. Comprehensive NDT facilities are available, which ensures the quality of products being offer to our clients.

The facility is certified with ISO 9001-14001 & 18001 and also accredited with ASME – U, S, NB and R stamps.

Key features of the ELCO facility

  • Comprising advanced machines having the capability to produce 1500 MT per month, served by number of EOT, mobile cranes ranging from 5 MT to 50 MT lifting capacity
  • Managed by experienced professionals with proven track records
  • Labor force trained for advanced welding and fabrication
  • State of the art blasting and painting facilities which are approved by PDO and other oil & gas companies of the region.
  • Excellent technological support in welding from well experienced technologists
  • Open fabrication bays equipped with sufficient nos. of gantry cranes and mobile cranes
  • Production of equipment in pollution free environment and hygienic working conditions.

Sr. No Description Area
1.0 Raw materials storage area 7000 Sq. Mtrs
2.0 Black top Roads & Material handling area 5000 Sq. Mtrs
3.0 Manufacturing facilities 8000 Sq. Mtrs
3.1 Machine shop Bay No.1
3.2 Critical Process Equipment Manufacturing Bay No.2
3.3 Structural steels fabrication Bay No.3
3.4 Drilling and cutting of large size beams and plates Bay No.3
3.5 Open Fabrication Area 5000 Sq. Mtrs
4.0 Blast cleaning sheds including abrasives recovery plant 380 Sq. Mtrs
5.0 Painting Bay 1800 Sq. Mtrs
6.0 Finished Product Storage 4000 Sq. Mtrs